The Return

by Paul Siciliano


In the spirit of my final year in my 30s, I have decided, once again, to start a blog.  This time, I will be less anonymous since I understand that this is not being done for others, but for myself.  I am under no delusion that millions of people care what I have to say - and why would they.

In any event, I will use this webpage and blog to muse and discuss major policy and legal issues that matter to me.  For now, I have decided to leave the posts open for comments, but I am well aware what that will bring.  While I love politics, I do want the focus to be on policy (even though the two are intertwined).  I did too much politics while I was living in Washington D.C.  I am not one for beltway discussion and analysis.  Anyone can do that.  I want to approach matters from a different angle - trying to discuss and to contemplate issues - and not focus on political ramifications.

And, since this is my website, I have also decided to make it much more personal by adding my humorous perspective on popular culture and just things I like.

We shall see how long this will last.  In other words, until I get bored.  And, if my relationships in life are an indicator - two years is the goal.