Kylie Minogue's Birthday Present to Us - "Skirt"

by Paul Siciliano


On her 45th birthday, Kylie Minogue gave a gift to her fans - a new track, "Skirt", off her upcoming album with RocNation.  The single shows why no artist has done dance-pop better since 2000 than Kylie Minogue (even better than Madonna).  This sensuously racy tune starts with a pounding beat reaching its climax with Minogue's beautiful sultry voice serving as the after glow.  The formula is pure dance-pop gold and should be the song of the summer for 2013 (granted, I thought her "Timebomb" should have been the song of Summer 2012, but young people seemed like that lame and over-played Carly Rae Jespen tune which shall go nameless).

Ever since Minogue has returned to the American music scene (with the album Fever and it's huge hit, "Can't Get You Out of My Head"), Minogue has been one of the most dominant forces on the dance club charts.  In my opinion, the appeal should really cross over onto the pop charts but I don't get the pop charts anymore.  If Rihanna sang "Skirt" the song would be an instant hit.  

Although Minogue has lacked pop chart appeal since Fever, as long as she continue to put out great dance-pop tracks like this, I don't care that she won't have a #1 single.  For the past two years, my favorite song of the year has been from the diminutive Australian (2011's "Get Outta My Way" and 2012's "Timebomb") - and if Minogue keeps producing music like "Skirt" it will three years in a row.