The George Zimmerman Trial - Initial Thoughts

by Paul Siciliano

Like many Americas, I am very much fascinated by the George Zimmerman trial.  As an attorney, I don't like jumping to conclusions without hearing all the evidence and seeing how the trial goes, but there are some issues about Zimmerman that bother me.  I don't know why Zimmerman was following Martin in the first place and continued to do so even though he was told it was not necessary.  More importantly to me, why did Zimmerman leave the vehicle.  That I don't get.

Maybe Martin was punching Zimmerman, though I am not sure of that - but he could have been doing that because Zimmerman initiated the confrontation. There is a reason why lay people should not do policing - they are not competent to do so, especially when they have a gun.  This is pure speculation on my part, but my guess is that Zimmerman got out of the car, confronted Martin and brandished his weapon.  How is Martin to know who this guy is since he now a cop?  Martin probably was fighting because he feared for his life. So, as far as I am concerned, since Zimmerman was the one initiated this confrontation and could have prevented it, he should not be able to get off based on self defense.