Zimmerman Trial - The Re-enactment video

by Paul Siciliano

An even great piece of damaging evidence against Zimmerman is the re-enactment video he did for police the next day.  It is filled with so many inconsistencies that any defense attorney would want to keep this away from the jury.  This is also why Zimmerman would not want to testify (I still think he has to).  Here is the video: 

Let's go over the problems: 

2:20 - 3:26  - Zimmerman claims that Martin was hanging around Taaffe's place (which is to the west of the clubhouse) looking around and staring at him.  None of this makes sense as will be demonstrated later.  He is just adding this detail because people use the cut-through by Taaffe's house all the time.  It also seems unlikely that Martin would be aware of this short-cut because he is new to the neighborhood.  (Zimmerman, of course, does not know this yet.)

3:48 - 4:24  - Zimmerman claims he parked up at the clubhouse once he got a hold of Non-Emergency 911.  Video footage from the clubhouse, presented at trial, shows no car pulling into the clubhouse parking lot, only a car driving by shortly before the call to police.  Also, Jeantel testified that Martin told her he was at the mail kiosk to get out of the rain.  Zimmerman himself tells NE911 when he first calls that Martin is near the clubhouse.  When you see the further evidence of a flashlight at the kiosk area shortly after Zimmerman connects to NE911, it is more likely that Zimmerman was already parked on Twin Trees and that Martin is walking from the mail kiosk to the T (which is near his home).

 4:44  - It is unlikely that if Zimmerman saw Martin at Taaffe's place just walking around that Martin would be able to catch up to Zimmerman parked at the Clubhouse is such a quick time frame.

4:56  - The dispatcher never asked what direction did Martin go.

5:11  - The dispatcher never told Zimmerman to get to somewhere where he could see Martin.

5:16 - 5:51  - As noted, it is implausible that Zimmerman moved his vehicle that was parked at the clubhouse to Twin Trees road.  From the onset of the NE911 call, Zimmerman was already parked on Twin Trees road.  It best explains his description of Martin's movements and then when he runs.  

5:54 - 6:14  - It is almost impossible for Martin to have walked into the darkness of the T, come back and circle Zimmerman's car.  Also, Zimmerman never told dispatch that Martin circled his car.

6:26  - Dispatch did not ask for Zimmerman's location.

6:38 - Dispatch never said they need an address.

6:41 - Zimmerman did not give his address at that point.  That was given much later when Martin was out of sight and they were trying to find a place to meet the police.

6:55 - Dispatch never asked what direction Martin went.

7:05 - If Zimmerman was going out to look for a street sign, why would he immediately head to the other street (across the T) to which he knew.  To get a number of a unit?  But, that would not be helpful since it was away from vehicle.

7:41  - Dispatch never asked for the address if he is front of.

7:44  - Zimmerman claims there were no addresses because it was the back of the houses which is correct to those on his right, but the units on his left have their numbers visible.

8:21 - Zimmerman never told dispatch that Martin was gone, only that he ran.

8:34 - The dispatch never asked Zimmerman if he still wanted a police office since he is no longer there.  It also makes no sense why Zimmerman would continue onto Retreat View Circle.  Additionally, he never gave dispatch an address there and directed them towards his truck.

9:25  - Zimmerman does not agree to meet the police at his truck.  He had agreed to meet them at the mailboxes, but then told dispatch for the police to give him a call once they get there.

10:24  - I find it weird that Zimmerman could not remember which pocket he placed his cell phone in.  He just got off the phone with dispatch.  Maybe the stress of the situation.

10:32 - 10:59  - Zimmerman claims that Martin sucker punched him and then he somehow stumbled forward a good 20 feet before Martin was able to get on top of him.  And Zimmerman still does not get close to where the body was found.  In his first written statement, Zimmerman claimed he went down as soon as he got punched, and that is more plausible.  At the scene, Zimmerman realizes that he has to somehow get closer to where the body is found so he makes up this stumbling and shuffling forward.  You will notice that when Zimmerman is confronted with something implausible he claims he can't remember.

11:40  - As I noted previously, Zimmerman's injuries are not consistent with someone whose head is repeatedly slammed on the concrete.

 11:51  - No one heard Martin tell Zimmerman to shut the fuck up and it is not caught on Lauer's call to 911.

12:24  - Zimmerman claims that while screaming for help someone came out (this would be John Good) and said he is calling 911 with Zimmerman responding don't call 911, help me, I need help.  Good does not recall any response.  And, the screams for help are continuous, so if Zimmerman was the one yelling, he could not respond.  He also could not be yelling or responding if Martin has his hands over his mouth and nose.  Also, if Martin had his hands over Zimmerman's mouth he would have had some of Zimmerman's blood on his hands, which would have been transferred to his clothing after he got shot and he landed on top of his hands. 

12:38 - 12:41 -  How did Martin see the holstered gun if he was on top of Zimmerman bashing his head.  Martin, considering his weight, would have to have been on Zimmerman's chest to get such leverage.  If Martin was sitting on Zimmerman's thighs, Zimmerman should have more easily been able to get out from under Martin.  Again, no one heard and Lauer's 911 call did not record anyone saying, "You are going to die tonight mother fucker."

12:51  - Maybe Martin is not bright, but how is he going to reach for a holstered weapon. In order to get it out of the holster he would have to move further up on Zimmerman's body or the angle would not be right.  Again, Martin may not have realized that.  

13:10 - 13:11  - The shot killed Martin almost immediately, so it is highly unlikely that he sat up (it was a 9MM shot, not a rifle) or that he said anything.  And he definitely didn't do so with his arms spread.  Considering how the body was found, he probably clutched his chest the instant he was shot and just dropped.  But, that would place Martin on top of Zimmerman.  

13:21 - 13:32 - It is very important to know how Zimmerman got on top of Martin if Zimmerman was on the bottom to begin with.  His lack of memory is suggestive that he cannot come up with a good reason.  If there is a body lying on top of you, the easiest way to switch position is to roll over.  But, then you end up with Martin on his back.  I can't see Zimmerman sliding out from under him, especially since Zimmerman claims Martin was straddling him.  Now, if Martin wasn't straddling him and they were rolling around and at the time of the shot, Martin was on or moving to be on the top, I could see Zimmerman slide out which would leave Martin face down.  Either way, Zimmerman's explanation of this important detail is unsatisfactory.

13:34 -  Zimmerman never moved Martin's arms apart since his hands were found under his chest.

13:39 - 13:40  - Zimmerman is adding this detail that Martin was hitting him repeatedly with his hands.  Also, if Martin was covering Zimmerman's mouth and nose, he should have known there was nothing in his hands.

13:55 - 14:00  - Zimmerman's story of Manalo arriving on the scene contradicts with what Manalo testified.  Manalo did not find Zimmerman on top of Martin at the time.  Manalo spoke to Zimmerman as he was approaching the dog waste basket.  Manalo testified that Zimmerman's gun was back in the holster when he arrived.  

14:05 - 14:08  - According to Manalo's testimony, Zimmerman never told him to help him restrain Martin

14:25 - 14:30  - Zimmerman claims when the police arrived he stood up and holstered his weapon.  According to Manalo, he was talking to Zimmerman away from Martin when the police arrived.

Say what you will, but Zimmerman's re-enact is full of inconsistencies and lies.  If people really believe this to be powerful proof, then I would love to see the defense use this at trial.  But, we all know it is the Prosecution that will!