Zimmerman Trial - Updated Map

by Paul Siciliano

So, after reviewing Jeantel's testimony and hearing Zimmerman's non-emergency call ("NEN"), I have changed the map of how I think this played out.  Here is the new one: 


In this map, the green box indicates Martin's starting point and route, while the red box indicates Zimmerman's vehicle and the arrows his route.  I should note here that with all witness testimony and statements, I realize that there is truth and false (perceived truth) in all statement, so I am trying to go with what makes sense.

This time, I have Martin actually running through the cut through because that is what he told Jeantel and it makes sense.  But, now I have Zimmerman going through the cut-through instead of walking to Retreat View and then turning around.  Why?  Well he does give chase to Martin.  But, on his 911 call after he is told to stop following Martin, the dispatcher asks Zimmerman what address his truck is parked in from of.  His response is that, "I don't know, it's a cut through so I don't know the address".  Based on Zimmerman's re-enactment the next day he considers that area behind the houses where the shooting took place as the cut through.  He didn't know an address because he was in the cut through (he didn't park in one).  Zimmerman was referring to his current location.  Additionally, at this time, you can hear Zimmerman trying to get his flashlight to work.  If you listen carefully he is doing that bashing and shaking sound that people do when the flashlight isn't working.  Zimmerman claims the flashlight wasn't working.  Finally, the wind stops.  Yes, the wind in the call could be because he stopped running, but that could also occur if he turned direction, like turn down the cut through.

So now that it is established that both Zimmerman and Martin are in the cut through, the question is did Zimmerman turn back to the top of the T.  That I don't think he did, I think he continued which is when Martin spots him again.  It was dark and I suspect Martin did not continue all the way home but stopped to catch his breath and see what is going on.  But, they definitely meet again.  And they definitely meet behind the homes, not at the top of the T.  From there, I am still working things out.  But, I believe Zimmerman had his gun drawn.  Why else would he go down a dark area after a person he thought was suspicious?  

I also have a theory on the sound movements, but that will wait until another post (and my psuedo-physics).