Zimmerman Trial - Day 12 The Defense Rests

by Paul Siciliano

In what comes as no surprise, George Zimmerman does not take the stand. It is probably best for him since he would be a bad witness.  Still, I think if some jurors will wonder why he did not testify even though the jury is not allowed to consider that. 

Now, it comes down to closing arguments. I think the Prosecution needs to bring it all together while the Defense is going to muddle the issues. The Defense, I thought presented a pretty poor case in chief even if they win.  They had some ridiculous witnesses claiming to have heard Zimmerman's voice. And the expert witnesses pretty much argued that Zimmerman was a wimp but had a masterful stroke of physical agility when he shot Martin.  It does not fit. The Prosecution needs to hammer this home.

As for evidentiary rulings to come. I think the judge was correct in not allowing the texts and the animation. She was also correct in not allowing the State to recall the MMA trainer to impeach him.  For the rulings tomorrow, I believe she should allow the rebuttal evidence of Zimmerman's previous fight and arrest because the Defense presented evidence that Zimmerman was a wimp, meager and non confrontational.  We will see!