Zimmerman Trial - It Was God's Plan

by Paul Siciliano

The line from Zimmerman's interview with Sean Hannity "It was God's plan" is going to haunt the defense.  It definitely undercuts earlier testimony from Officer Singleton of how Zimmerman said in the Catholic faith that all killing is wrong.   

To me, and I am not the best Catholic in the world, that really is not a Catholic thing to say.  It has more of an evangelical Protestant, pre-destination tinge to it.  I wonder why Zimmerman chose those words.  I get that your lawyer doesn't want you to admit that you did anything wrong, but the much better answer would be is that I wish the shot did not kill him.  I did what I had to do and what was right, I just wished the poor man did not die.

One thing you see in the many statements of George Zimmerman shown at trial is the absolute lack of remorse he displays to the fact that he killed an unarmed teenager who was doing nothing wrong.  From calling him a suspect, to a matter-of-factness about the events of the night, one gets the impression of coldness from Zimmerman, and that "It was God's plan" line would not sit well for most people.   In his heart, George Zimmerman feels absolutely justified in his actions and does not believe he done wrong.  This, coming from the Catholic who believed that all killing is wrong.  Something does not add up here.

So, George Zimmerman, are you saying that it was God's plan for Trayvon Martin to be followed for no good reason and murdered?  Trust me, the State will highlight that.