1985 Song of the Year - I'm So Excited by The Pointer Sisters

by Paul Siciliano

My love for The Pointer Sisters had not abated by 1985 which is why another song off their Break Out  album was chosen as my song of the year for 1985.  Interestingly, I'm So Excited was first released in 1982 and re-released in 1984.  Oh that is the thing for my choice of Song of the Year - it is the year I like the song, not necessarily the year it was released.

Truth be told, I like "I'm So Excited" more than "Jump (for my Love)".  At the time Anita, was my favorite Pointer and she does lead on this song.  Now, my favorite is Ruth as I am totally in love with "Neutron Dance" and just her manly type look.  At least this video we have June getting out of the bathtub in the most ungraceful manner.