1986 Song of the Year - "Never" by Heart

by Paul Siciliano

The Pointer Sisters streak was not going to last forever.  Heart's biggest selling album was the 1985 album Heart .  The album spawned many hits:  "These Dreams", "What About My Love", "Nothin' at All" and my personal favorite "Never".  Ann Wilson did the lead on this song, and it's melodic "We Can't Go On and On." will forever stick in my head.

To this day, this is still one of my favorite songs of all time.  And a good story about this song involving my shyness.  In Music in elementary school we were along to bring our own music to listen to on the last day of class.  In 6th grade, I really wanted to bring Heart's "Never" but was too embarrassed to do so.  Fortunately, someone else brought it.  So, I got to listen to it!