1987 Song of the Year - "Sweet Love" by Anita Baker

by Paul Siciliano

There was a time when Anita Baker was the hottest Adult Contemporary performer.  She was all over Vh-1.  Her "Rapture" album was one of my all time favorites.  I could not get enough of it.  And the best song on the album, by far, was "Sweet Love."   Baker probably made R&B music popular again after it fell out of favor in the video age of the early 1980s.  After this, you will see a blossoming of R&B music into the mid 1990s - until Hip Hop takes over.  Yes, there is still R&B music, but not like what it was.

The video is hilarious.  Baker really gets into her singing even with the lip sync is slightly off.  Did I mention, she really gets into her singing - check it out: 

By the way, the bridge, is one of the best in popular music.  It may be my favorite.  I also love the bridge in Wham!'s "Everything She Wants".