1988 Song of the Year - "Tell It to My Heart" by Taylor Dayne

by Paul Siciliano

Disco never really died and dance music never really fell out of favor.  There was some great dance tracks in the early and mid 1980s.  Heck, the pop sound itself really was disco mixed with elements of rock.  Still, by the late 1980s, Freestyle and dance music became a major pop music force again. 

One of the best tracks from this era, and still one of my favorite 5 songs of all time is Taylor Dayne's "Tell It To My Heart".  The beat is awesome and Dayne's vocals are powerful.  Some may dismiss Dayne as a one-hit wonder (why, I don't know), but she is the first female singer to have her first seven singles land on Billboard's Top 10.  The only female artist to do better is Mariah Carey. 

Now, let's get to the video.  How much 80s awesomeness can you have.  The hair, the lips, the guys in the background wearing converse.  What an excellent formula!  Perfect, for an excellent song.