1990 Song of the Year - (You're My One and Only) True Love by Seduction

by Paul Siciliano

The 1990 Song of the Year is a first - it is not sung by who it is claimed.  "(You're My One and Only) True Love" was actually sung by Martha Wash and C+C had to come up with this group called Seduction.  Regardless of who song the song, I loved Seduction.  And my favorite member - the one and only Michele Visage. 

This kind of proves the Michele Visage was not born a man.  Heck, at the time she received a cease and desist letter for looking too much like Madonna.  That's not a problem today and the fact that Michele had plastic surgery is apparent.  But, it does not matter, I love Michele Visage anyway.  It is a shame she did not get along with April Harris, the fellow member. 

Funny, at the time I owned the album, I thought it was strange in the thank you section that Michele thanked Idalis, and Idalis thanked Michele - but neither thanked April.  My suspicions were confirmed years later when Michele told Goomba Johnny, when they were co-hosting a the KTU morning show, that there would be no Seduction reunion because April hated her guts.  April got the naming rights to Seduction, but Michele had the better career - mostly by being RuPaul's most faithful and fun side kick. 

Oh, back to the song - this is may favorite off Seduction's only album.  But there was some other awesome hits.  "It Takes Two" which almost went to #1, the remake of "Heartbeat", the ballad "Could This Be Love" and "Breakdown" where Michele's raps.  Not bad for three girls thrown together.