1991 Song of the Year - "Romantic" by Karyn White

by Paul Siciliano

Now begins my love for Karyn White.  Karyn White's first album spawned some excellent hit, most notably the ballad, "Superwoman".  My favorite off the album, and one of my 10 favorite songs to this day is "The Way You Love Me" - the video is pretty cool too with the swipes between scene.  And let's not forget "Secret Rendezvous"

However, none of those songs were awarded my song of the year - I liked Seduction more.  "Romantic", Karyn White's only #1 pop hit on the Billboard charts, did.  The song was an excellent dance track at a time when MTV played plenty of dance music, especially on Friday nights with Nia Peeples.  There was also Nia Peeple's Dance Machine, and Club MTV with downtown Julie Brown. 

In general, there was a lot of great dance hits, and I could not get enough of Karyn White who excelled in the genre.  "Romantic" was off the second album, "Ritual of Love", which as a complete album, was better than the first.  White has a couple more albums, but "Romantic" was her peak.  Interestingly, after years of being dormant, White has resurfaced, and I like it.