Zimmerman Trial - The DNA Evidence

by Paul Siciliano

As I hinted at in my recap of today's testimony in the George Zimmerman trial, I was fascinated by something in the DNA evidence.  

While I agree that the absence of DNA does not definitively mean there was no contact, it is highly dispositive that there was no contact.  On the other hand, if there is DNA found in a particular area it is almost certain there was some sort of contact (transference aside). 

What I found interesting today is that Zimmerman's blood was found on the front of Martin's under-sweatshirt (behind the hood) near the bottom (including the rim).  This could be incidental but that seems unlikely.

We know from the evidence that the only places Martin was bleeding was the nose and the back of the head.  So, either one of those areas came into contact with Martin's under-sweatshirt or there was some sort of transference.  It is possible that if Martin is straddling Zimmerman and the bottom of the sweatshirt comes into contact with his nose.  But, for that to be so, Martin has to be straddling him on the upped part of the chest, close to the neck.  If that were so, it would be impossible for Martin to see or to reach for the holstered gun.   

It could be that the two ended up in an upright position and they were so close that Zimmerman's nose bleed dripped a little onto Martin's attire. 

I still believe there was a scramble for the gun, since Zimmerman had pulled it out earlier, and in the struggle, Martin's body is brushing over Zimmerman's face as he reaches for the gun that Zimmerman is trying to adjust into position.  

I am just not sure.  And the location of the bullet only confuses me more.  If Martin is straddling him as Zimmerman claims and he pulls up his gun and shoot, he is not going to hit Martin as close to the center of the chest as he did.  You would expect the bullet to be more to the left.   We will probably get more of that evidence on Friday.

So much to ponder.