1993 Song of the Year - "I Have Nothing" by Whitney Houston

by Paul Siciliano

Two of my favorite singers ever are Whitney Houston and Madonna.  The two of them have had tons of great songs.  Oddly, Madonna was never awarded by Song of the Year, and Whitney Houston only won once, in 1993 with "I Have Nothing" from the Bodyguard soundtrack.  Even more oddly, Madonna's best chance of winning was in 1993 with "Deeper and Deeper". 

"I Will Always Love You" was easily Whitney's biggest hit off the Bodyguard soundtrack, but "I Have Nothing" was a more powerful song, and it was played throughout the film.  It is also a favorite among American Idol contestants who are trying to prove their diva bona fides.  

The best part of the video is when Whitney's belts is as "Rachel" lights up.  I also love that I chose a video with Portuguese subtitles.  Enjoy!