Zimmerman Trial - Trayvon Martin Caused His Own Death?

by Paul Siciliano

Today, Mark O'Mara, I believe, crossed a line of decency when he suggested, during his cross examination of Sybrina Fulton and his oral argument on the Motion for Acquittal, the theme that Martin caused his own death.   

I understand why the Defense would want to say that, but it is not necessary in a self-defense case.  Further, when you consider the facts in this case, Martin was minding his own business, and had Zimmerman done the same (regardless of culpability) Martin would not have been killed.   

O'Mara, as a lawyer, should understand the concept of causation and he is approaching it in a very legalistic way, instead of a moral or common sense way.  At least the oral argument was not done in front of the jury, but he brought it up with Martin's mother - that can never be good.   

Keep the focus that Zimmerman was justified in using deadly force because he needed to defend himself, not that Martin caused his own death because there are many things that Zimmerman could have done differently that would not have caused Martin's death.