Zimmerman Trial - Why Did the Defense Call Zimmerman's Uncle?

by Paul Siciliano

I am perplexed by the Defense's decision to call Jorge Meza, George Zimmerman's uncle, to the stand to testify that it was George's voice on the 911 call.  Most reasonable people would expect the mothers to testify that it was their child screaming on that call - and you would expect family members to do the same. 

But, Meza's account is incredulous.  If you are to believe Meza, here is a man who is aware that his nephew has been involved in a shooting but did not get details of it because it violated his ethical code as an officer of some sort in Orange County, Florida.  (BTW, following the case would not be an ethical violation, interfering with the investigation would be.)  So, totally ignorant of the facts of the case, he happens to be on the computer in one room while his wife is watching the news in another room.  Meza is unaware of what is going on in the news manages to hear the 911 call, without even knowing why it was being played, and he recognizes his nephew's voice.  He recognized the voice as George Zimmerman's even though he had never heard George scream like that before and can only recall George's voice from when George was a child.

You know the defense recognized that people would find the story incredible by the fact that O'Mara on re-direct focused on Meza's veracity and character.  That will not help - it's pretty clear that the story is a lie.  The problem with that is that it may taint the testimony of other family members.   

My instinct is that O'Mara probably did not want to call Meza but succumbed to family pressure.  He needed to call more family members other than the mother - and the father and the brother have character issues.  At least Meza's character is beyond reproach.  Unfortunately, his testimony today was not.