Zimmerman Trial - 2 Weeks Down

by Paul Siciliano

So, we have had two weeks of testimony heard and evidence presented at the George Zimmerman trial.  The State has rested its case, and the Defense has only called two witnesses so far, but will begin its case in earnest.  I would expect the Defense to bring in their own expert witness that will explain how Zimmerman's account of the fight is plausible, or, more likely, that the investigation was flawed.  The Defense may also call other witnesses to claim that the voice screaming on the call is Zimmerman but I really don't know how much the jury buys into this.  The person on the 911 call is screaming for his life - it is a scream you probably have not heard from many people, let alone being able to identify it (Jorge Meza's incredulous ability aside).  The jury will take the circumstances of the scream, and the biggest being that it ended right after the gun shot, to make a determination. 

What about Shellie Zimmerman?  Anyone following the case will know why Shellie Zimmerman will not be called to the stand by the Defense.  She has a pending perjury charge against her, which would easily be used to impeach her.  I wonder if the Defense calls multiple family members to testify that is George's voice on the 911 call but not call his wife that the jury may suspect something.  The closest person to Martin is his mother, but the closest person to Zimmerman is his wife.  

The fight  - There are many inconsistencies with Zimmerman's accounts of the altercation with Martin and the evidence thus far presented.  Does the Defense try to explain the inconsistencies or continue to muddy the waters?  You would think that if Martin is bashing Zimmerman's head against the pavement numerous times, he would have greater damage to his hands (how else is he going to hold the head in place to get it down).  How did Zimmerman manage to get the muzzle of his gun perpendicular to the entry point during his supposed hysteria?  Does that person screaming have the right state of mind to be so particular with the shot?  What were Zimmerman's hands and arms doing while he is being allegedly pummeled by Martin?  Why does he have no defensive wounds?  Are we to just accept that Zimmerman pretty much was defenseless and unable to fight back until the moment Martin allegedly reaches for the gun when Zimmerman manages to get the upperhand?  Again, how did Martin see the holstered gun.  And let's not forget that Martin is right handed.

Will The State Be Aggressive on Cross  - At times, it may appear that the State is less aggressive than the Defense when raising objections, and they erred by not objecting sooner to Serino's testimony about the veracity of Zimmerman.  To be fair, the State is more likely to have an objection sustained, so they are wiser (and not trying to disrupt the flow of testimony).  So far, I believe the State handled the two defense witnesses appropriately.   First, with Gladys Zimmerman, the State asked a couple of questions and that was it, and nothing as offensive as O'Mara did with Fulton, with his references to "hope".  Second, with Jorge Meza, I feel the State did the right type of cross with a witness who was telling an incredulous story.  Just make him repeat it and let it sink in with the jury.  I may have been cattier in my style, but still would have done the same tactic.  Those two aside, I would like to see how much push back the State gives to expert witnesses and even investigators, if the Defense calls them.

How will the State Piece It All Together  - The elements of a conviction are there and have come out in bits and pieces over the past two weeks.  Now, it is the job of the State to bring it all together on closing argument.  Even though closing argument is not evidence - it is the way to get the jury to tie everything together.  They may have been taking extensive notes, but you need to get them on the right path.  From the closing arguments alone, I knew that Casey Anthony would be acquitted in her trial.  If I was the State, I know what I would say, and I do believe they have been holding their cards close to their chest (with a few hints during the oral argument for Motion of Acquittal).  We will see how they tie this together.

Since I will be working away from home this week, I will be unable to do realtime updates but I will watch as much as I can and give my perspective.