1995 Song of the Year - "Every Day of the Week" by Jade

by Paul Siciliano

1995 was a strange year, and if there was any award I would reconsider it would be 1995.  It's not that I no longer like Jade's "Every Day of the Week", I totally do.  There were plenty of R&B female groups that put out some good music, so one of them should have won.  I know, you are thing, why not En Vogue.  And, En Vogue almost won in 1997 - but I will get to that later. 

As for 1995, the best song was probably Groove Theory's "Tell Me" but I shied away from giving that song the award for fear that Groove Theory would be a one hit wonder - which they ended up being.  At the same time, Madonna had her best album, Bedtime Stories.  And yet, I went with Jade.   Ironically, this is not Jade's best song - that goes to "Don't Walk Away."  Still, the album was excellent so they are deserving.

And doing this blog, I just learned that there is a video to this song.