1999 Song of the Year - "Finally Finding Out" by Jordan Knight

by Paul Siciliano

Since boy bands were becoming hot again, former New Kids on the Block members Jordan Knight and Joey McIntyre released solo albums.  Joey's was okay, but Jordan's was much better.  For some reason I cannot explain today, I could not get enough of the album. 

In any event, 1999's song of the year happened to be one that Knight did not release, "Finally Finding Out".  It was better than the biggest hit off the album "Give It To You" which was okay but kind of got annoying after a while.  "Finally Finding Out" was smoother and suited Knight's voice.  More interestingly, it was co-written by an unknown, Robin Thicke, who has now become a major star. 

There is no video, so here is some cheesy clip someone put together on YouTube