2001 Song of the Year - "Just Don't Tell Me That" by NSYNC

by Paul Siciliano

My love for NSYNC continued into my first two years of law school.  I know real mature.  On NSYNC's final album "Celebrity" my favorite songs happened to be the ones they did not released.  Thus, the competition for the 2001 song of the year really was between two unreleased songs - "Just Don't Tell Me That" and "Tell Me Tell Me Baby".   

Honestly, I always forget which one I gave the award to - they are both catchy dance tunes that you can sing along to - which NSYNC excelled at.  Both are better than "Pop", the lead single off the album.  If I did not write it down, I would have no proof of which one won.  Both songs have there merits for being excellent pop tunes.   

In the end, the harmony during the chorus of "Just Don't Tell Me That" is smoother and JC Chasez's voice, which I think is superior to Timberlake's, works better in this song.  Since there is not video, here is some mesh-up on YouTube.  With this win, NSYNC became the first artist to win the award three times.