2002 Song of the Year - "In Your Eyes" by Kylie Minogue

by Paul Siciliano

So back in 1987 this cute little Australian girl hit it big in the United States with a remake of "Locomotion" and followed it up with a nice hit "I Should be So Lucky".  Then, the United States forgot all about Kylie Minogue who they relegated to a one hit wonder.  Kylie would be a big hit in Europe and her native Australia for the next 10 years.  She did hit a bump in the road in the late 1990s (Impossible Princess album) but had a European/Australian comeback in 2000 with the song "Spinning Around" which was written by Paula Abdul and was meant to serve as a launching pad for Abdul's comeback.

A year later, Kylie Minogue returned to the United States charts with her smash "Can't Get You Out of My Head".  It was pop gold, and the album, Fever, was excellent.  Kylie had returned to the United States.  The second release from the album, "In Your Eyes" was not released in the U.S. because American audiences were still listening to "Can't Get You Out of My Head".   

"In Your Eyes" is a better dance/pop hit, with more driving beats and that trademark singing style that would make Minogue a staple of the U.S. dance charts for the next decade and which continues to this day.  At this point, Minogue became one of my favorite artists - and as will be seen, she actually has another mini-revival after battling breast cancer.   With the death of Donna Summer, Minogue, along with Madonna, are probably my favorite living singers.

BTW, "Spinning Around" and the album which it is from Light Years, is exception even if it was not released commercially in the United States at the time.