Move Aside Madonna, Lady Gaga Channels David Bowie

by Paul Siciliano

In my pop music today, you need to be constantly putting out new music or else you may become irrelevant. Katy Perry and Rihanna are prime examples. That is why I feared Lady Gaga took too long of a hiatus - first with a long tour for "Born This Way" and then her injury. Regardless, Gaga is back and has released her new single "Applause." When I first heard the song, I happened to be listening to it on the bus and I wasn't feeling it.

Then, when I heard it in a more normal setting, I realized how great the song is. It is upbeat, dancey, and New Wave-ish. Best part, Madonna cannot claim that Lady Gaga is mimicking her - David Bowie can. :). I love the song, and it looks like this year will be another battle between Lady Gaga and Kylie Minogue.