2004 Song of the Year - "Caught Up" by Usher

by Paul Siciliano

So, Usher's single "Caught Up" would be the last song of the year by a male artist during its period of dominance 1996-2004 (one male would win since then).  Granted, the dominance pretty much was NSYNC and Justin Timberlake.   

Anyway, I always kind of liked Usher because I am a fan of R&B.  But, I never purchased any of his albums, until 2004's Confessions with it's smash "Yeah!"  The album was excellent and many great tunes, with "Caught Up" being my favorite.  The chorus is beautiful and smooth.   

One thing about Usher - I totally remember when he was on The Bold and the Beautiful and he had slept with Amber even though she was involved with Rick Forrester.  And Amber was pregnant and did not know who the father was.  I bet she was so desperate to see the skin of the child when it was born - too bad it was stillborn.  I forgot that, I had to look it up!