2005 Song of the Year - "Get Right" by Jennifer Lopez

by Paul Siciliano

2005 was an interesting year as the two songs contending for song of the year are very similar.  The winner was J. Lo's "Get Right".  I have been always been a big fan of J. Lo even though her albums progressively got less interesting.  Regardless, Get Right was a jamming pumping song.  

That is similar to the other contender, Amerie's "One Thing".  Looking back, Amerie did a better job.  In fact, I thought Amerie's song was a remix of the J. Lo. tune.   J. Lo does have a smooth bridge that is lacking in the Amerie song.  And, obviously, J. Lo has had greater success.  (Even though on the pop charts, "One Thing" did better than "Get Right".)  

Regardless, "Get Right" is probably J. Lo's best song.  And the video is great since J. Lo took it upon herself to play multiple roles.  I guess that saves costs.