2006 Song of the Year - "Get Up" by Ciara

by Paul Siciliano

So in 2004 the winner was "Caught Up" and in 2005 it was "Get Right" - combine the titles of the two and you end up with "Get Up" by Ciara f. Chamillionaire.  Obviously, that is not the reason why I chose Ciara's "Get Up" as the song of the year for 2006. 

Also known as Little Wanda Sykes, Ciara seemed like a replacement for Aaliyah who had died unexpectedly.  Besides the single name and the same body type, the two had little else in common.  Their singing styles were different - to a degree.  Ciara's first album Goodies was a smash, with the hits "Goodies", "Oh" and "One Two Step".  

The first single following that album, "Get Up" was far more up-tempo and catchy.   "Get Up" would appear on Ciara's sophomore album, The Evolution, but first appeared on the soundtrack to Step Up .  

It also included a great rap by Chamillionaire.  The song is a great dance tune and even has some smoothness during the bridge.  The song still remains one of my 10-15 favorite songs of all time.