2007 Song of the Year - "Promise" by Ciara

by Paul Siciliano

"Promise" most definitely was a different sound for Ciara.  This is a mid-tempo ballad.  Even though Ciara is pretty unemotional in her singing, it works here.  There is a sultriness to it as well as is this pining for the love of a man.  Add to that Ciara's smoothness and you have a smash. 

The video is interesting as there is no male in the video to whom Ciara is directing her desire.  It is her alone with a mic stand, and then with her girls.  The dancing and style with the girls does not do it for me.  But, when Ciara is alone - it is spot on. 

Ciara became the fourth artist to win the award for two straight years.  After The Evolution, Ciara followed up with a less than stellar album.   She then had a fight with her record company and released an additional album just for download.  That album actually had an excellent song, "Yeah I know".    This past year, Ciara released another album, and I love it.