Top Spice Girl Solo Acts

by Paul Siciliano

I was talking to one of my friends today who mentioned Mel B. (Scary Spice) is getting ready to release a new single in a month.  That should come as no surprise, why else would she be doing America's Got Talent .   In any event, that got me thinking about the best songs members of the Spice Girls came up with after breaking up.  None of them include Mel B. whose greatest effort after the Spice Girls was being Eddie Murphy's Baby Mama.  Anyway, here are the top songs.

#1 - Ride It by Geri Halliwell 

For some reason, Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice) probably has had the most successful solo career of any of the Spice Girls, especially in the U.K.  And, let's face it, none of them had any great success in the United States.  Halliwell's first album, Schizophonic , had some catchy tunes but with the dumbest lyrics.  However "Mi Chico Latino" became #1 in the U.K. is beyond me.  

But, Halliwell's best song, "Ride It" was not on that album.  The song is not a lyrical masterpiece, but it is a great dance song.  And, the video is hilarious. 

#2 Maybe - Emma Bunton 

Actually, Emma Bunton (Baby Spice) had a couple of decent songs - Free Me and Maybe.  Maybe has a great catchy beat which builds up nicely.  The extended chorus, or bridge, is very nicely done.  It is probably a better tune that "Ride It" but Geri Halliwell is just going to win out on these things. 

The video for "Maybe" is fresh and fun, with a 1960s feel and Bunton looks good. 

#3 - I Turn to You by Mel C. 

Mel C. (Sporty Spice) was one of the better vocalists of the group.  Yes, I realize that is not saying much.  Mel C. for a time decided to take the dance/club route with this song and a remix of "Never Be The Same Again".  Both were very good songs, but Mel C. abandoned the sound which pretty much killed any chance of a career in the United States.  What also killed it, the visuals of Mel C.  Sorry, but she looks horrendous in this video.   Even though her views far outpaces the other two.

Honorable Mention - It's Raining Me by Geri Halliwell 

I just had to throw this video in for fun.  There is no way Halliwell's version is better than that of the Weather Girls (One of my favorite 10 songs of all time).  Give Halliwell credit for even taking this song on, and making it #1 in the U.K.

It's not even the best remake of the song - that goes to RuPaul and Martha Wash - which I guess doesn't make that a remake, but I am calling it as such. 

The video is ridiculous mixing elements of "Coldhearted" and "Fame".