The Wonders of the Brain

by Paul Siciliano

Normally, I do not delve into my personal life on this blog, but I feel like sharing this interesting story which I believe shows the power of the brain.  So last night I had this dream that I was having a gay sexual relationship with a famous football player.  That story in of itself is not interesting because I was considering that for a story line that I am working on.

In any event, for some reason the player was Curtis Martin, a former running back for the NY Jets.  I know Martin (I hate the Jets btw) but have no idea why he was the person in the dream.  I cannot even tell you if the person looked liked Martin since I could not pick Martin out of a line up.  The only other fact I got out of the dream was that I asked Martin where he played college ball, and Martin said Louisville.  Martin played at Pitt and I know very little about Louisville and why that would be part of the dream. 

At this point, I figure most are assuming, is there a point here.  I am getting to that.  So, I checked the internet to see if there were any rumors of Martin being gay (why else would that be in my dream) and there wasn't.  I did a little more research and came upon rumors this past spring of Kerry Rhodes (a former Jet) being gay after these pictures of he and an assistant appeared.  I do remember that story and the strange part is that when I looked up about Rhodes, he played at Louisville. 

The brain does alot of data dumping when you dream.  I assume that when I read about the rumor of Rhodes, I looked him on Wikipedia and saw that he played at Louisville and that came through my dream,  I could also be reading alot into all of this - but it is strange that the only detail I could remember from the dream is that my love interest said he played ball at Louisville the same school that the man who gay rumors came about this year played.  It has to be something.