Top Scenes - Claudia on The Roof

by Paul Siciliano

Episode 37 - The Roof:

Nothing makes good camp than some ridiculous surprise or twist, especially when the premise is pretty far-fetched to begin with.  During Season 2, our favorite emotionally fragile Claudia had improved after Matthew took Lindsay and ran off.  Unfortunately for Claudia, she was being used by Cecil who was aware that Matthew and Lindsay had died in South America but kept her hoping that she would be reunited with her daughter.

When Claudia learned the truth, she began to regress.  After failing to killing to Cecil Colby, Claudia just hung around the mansion pining for Lindsay who was not a baby in her mind.  It was perfect since there was a new baby in the mansion - Little Blake, Fallon and Jeff's son.  

Part of the Season 2 cliffhanger saw the kidnapping of L.B. and many possible culprits, including Claudia.  It is strange that Claudia was still regarded as a suspect since she spoke with Jeff and Fallon after the baby went missing.  Is Claudia that clever?  Maybe she was because we see Claudia checking into a hotel with a baby in her arms.  

After the Carringtons assume Claudia is the kidnapper, they go to the press and the hotel owner immediately calls the police.  Claudia notices this and decides to take her baby and hang out on the roof.  Why?  The police get no where with Claudia but Blake does.  Just as it looks like Blake is about to get Claudia to turn over the baby, an incompetent police officer is seen by Claudia approaching her and she trips, causing the baby to go off the roof.

How awesome is that.  There is this baby tumbling to its death.  The family is hysterical as they believe Little Blake is falling to his death.  But, Claudia didn't have Little Blake.  No, she had a doll wrapped in Little Blake's blanket.  Great!  Seriously, is the show going to kill off a baby like that?  Poor Claudia was so far off the reservation that she treated a doll as her daughter.  (Where did she get the doll?)  And no one noticed that she had a doll.  It was the quietest baby ever.

After the hysteria subsides, Fallon comes to the realization that someone else has her baby and she passes out into Blake's arms.  Meanwhile, Claudia is passed out into the arms of the negotiator.  I mean, she did lose her doll.  Great.  Nothing like blending over dramatic acting, with a campy sub-plot.  And, to top it off, we are still left to wonder who has Little Blake.