Top Scenes - Sable vs. Alexis

by Paul Siciliano

Episode 214 - Tales of the Tape

There have been excellent diva rivalries on Dynasty. (And we will get to them.)  Alexis vs. Krystle being the most notable.  But there was Alexis vs. Dominique and even some minor ones like Claudia vs. Sammy Jo and Fallon vs. Sammy Jo.  I've decided to start with the rivalry between cousins Alexis and Sable that made Season 9 great.

Alexis finally met her match in Season 9 as Sable stormed into Denver to get revenge on her cousin for telling Jason that Monica and Miles were not his children.  Truth be told, Sable pretty much had Alexis on the ropes all season.  Of all the scenes between the two, I chose the one where Sable finally has Alexis beat (and Colby Co in her grasp) and is more than happy to share the good news.

Let's put aside that legally this is not how matters are done, this is just great camp and Stephanie Beacham and Joan Collins play it perfectly.  In an odd way, I felt that Joan Collins acting was much better with Beacham than with Linda Evans.  Alexis's facial expression when Sable and Monica barge in, is priceless (still not as awesome when Alexis was told to wear pastels in Season 8).  Also, Alexis's kicking of the chair and attempt to tear the ex parte order is comical.

What can be said about Beacham's portrayal of Sable.  Beacham gets the camp of the series and the utter ridiculousness of the dialogue.  The way she says "fascinating unpleasant things about Colby Co." is gold.  No one on the show delivered the lines better than Beacham.  And let's not forget the laugh at the end which is aided by a nice diva pose.

It is a shame that Sable showed up in Season 9 when ABC was prepared to kill the show (and put it against the ratings powerhouse of Cheers).  Had Sable arrived in Season 8, maybe the show could have lasted a few more seasons.  Then again, America may have just moved on.  Nonetheless, the Sable vs. Alexis battle made for a very entertaining send off to the series.