So Take This Junk and Your Blonde Tramp and Get Out of My Home

by Paul Siciliano

I am sure I have mentioned this multiple times, but the final scene from Season 6 when Alexis finally kicks Blake out of the mansion and Blake reacts by trying to kill Alexis is my favorite of the series.  Granted, the scene is ridiculous on so many levels.  But, that is what makes it awesome.

Season 6 started off poorly with too much about Moldavia, Galen and Prince Michael as well as the ridiculous Krystle/Rita story line that never seemed to end.  Once those two stories were wrapped up, the season took off and the second half of Season 6 was just got as great as seasons 3-5.  The additions of Ben and Caress were the boosts the show needed.

However, it was the intensity of the battle between Blake and Alexis that made things great.  Blake finally decides he is going to destroy Alexis once and for all, only to go overboard (despite the protestations of Krystle).  In the end, and through manipulation, Alexis manages the upper hand.

Granted, you just cannot kick someone out of their home with no notice.  There is this thing called the legal process, but why allow for that when you can have Alexis dropping Krystle's furs onto the ground.  Another great aspect is that it is obvious that Joan Collin's stunt double is used when Blake lunges for Alexis.

The only problem with the scene is that it puts Season 7 in a difficult position.  Of course, Blake is not going to kill Alexis.  But, then what.  First we have Blake start over and then he finally gets the upper hand against Alexis and Ben to get his holdings and the mansion back.  That is all fine and dandy - but then what.  It would ridiculous to have Alexis return everything just to have her try and take them back again.  Thus, Season 7 drags on in some sort of tedious family drama that was very un-Dynasty like and which pretty much signaled the demise of the show.  (Season 9 withstanding - which was too little, too late).