Thoughts on the Dynasty Re-Boot Pilot

by Paul Siciliano

I will admit that I was totally looking forward to the Dynasty re-boot, even if it was going to be on the CW.  Now, I did not have expectations that it would be a carbon copy of the original.  In fact, I did not want that.  Dynasty was a product of the 1980s and it captured a moment in our cultural history.  It would be ridiculous to duplicate that for the 2010s.  And, the target audience is millenials - not baby boomers (as always us Gen Xers are ignored).

With those expectations, I actually like the pilot episode - quite a bit.  The homage here and there to the original was a nice touch.  Granted, the pilot was really just setting up what to expect for the season, so I was not expecting much over-the-top drama (which is essential for a Dynasty re-boot) but I am confident that there will be in future episodes.  

The only thing from the pilot I am not feeling is Cristal.  I was not a big fan of Krystle in the original, but there is no real reason to root for the new Cristal, just yet.  And, we all know she is hiding some big secrets that Joseph is well aware of.  Yes, this Cristal is more complex, which is a positive - but she rubbed me the wrong way last night.  Then again, that can be attributed to the acting.  Still, I will give her some time.

Will I add the re-boot to this page.  We will see.  I mean, look how long it is taking me to get through the Colbys.  One step at a time, and I still want to do Melrose Place (God help me).