Blake, always good to see you - particularly on your abdication day

by Paul Siciliano

This excellent scene comes from Episode 56 "The Vote".  This is probably one of the best episodes in the series as we get a conflicting view of Alexis as the successful business woman who does not need the help of ungrateful men, except to give her water.  At the same time, we see Alexis as being lazy as she claims to end her workday at 6.  Even more damaging, it appears that Alexis is forcing the merger between Colby Co and Denver Carrington because she really wants to re-merge her life with Blake.

Yes, this feminist icon is doing all this for a love of a man.  Contrast this scene with the final scene of the episode where Alexis invites Blake over to pretty much seduce him.  When Blake rejects Alexis, she become enraged and swears her hatred of Blake.  In fact, it is Blake's rejection of her which causes her to attack Blake.  Definitely, not pro-feminist.