The Colbys Episode 12 "The Pact"

by Paul Siciliano

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In this episode:

Monica learns that Neil is married

Frankie refuses to tell Jason if he is Jeff's father

Fallon and Miles file for an annulment

L.B. is hospitalized with meningitis

Jason agrees not to divorce Sable if she does not attack Frankie

Someone's prayers that I would be more all the ball have been answered. . .

The lighted candles are a nice touch

The lighted candles are a nice touch

Thoughts on the Dynasty Re-Boot Pilot

by Paul Siciliano

I will admit that I was totally looking forward to the Dynasty re-boot, even if it was going to be on the CW.  Now, I did not have expectations that it would be a carbon copy of the original.  In fact, I did not want that.  Dynasty was a product of the 1980s and it captured a moment in our cultural history.  It would be ridiculous to duplicate that for the 2010s.  And, the target audience is millenials - not baby boomers (as always us Gen Xers are ignored).

With those expectations, I actually like the pilot episode - quite a bit.  The homage here and there to the original was a nice touch.  Granted, the pilot was really just setting up what to expect for the season, so I was not expecting much over-the-top drama (which is essential for a Dynasty re-boot) but I am confident that there will be in future episodes.  

The only thing from the pilot I am not feeling is Cristal.  I was not a big fan of Krystle in the original, but there is no real reason to root for the new Cristal, just yet.  And, we all know she is hiding some big secrets that Joseph is well aware of.  Yes, this Cristal is more complex, which is a positive - but she rubbed me the wrong way last night.  Then again, that can be attributed to the acting.  Still, I will give her some time.

Will I add the re-boot to this page.  We will see.  I mean, look how long it is taking me to get through the Colbys.  One step at a time, and I still want to do Melrose Place (God help me).

So Take This Junk and Your Blonde Tramp and Get Out of My Home

by Paul Siciliano

I am sure I have mentioned this multiple times, but the final scene from Season 6 when Alexis finally kicks Blake out of the mansion and Blake reacts by trying to kill Alexis is my favorite of the series.  Granted, the scene is ridiculous on so many levels.  But, that is what makes it awesome.

Season 6 started off poorly with too much about Moldavia, Galen and Prince Michael as well as the ridiculous Krystle/Rita story line that never seemed to end.  Once those two stories were wrapped up, the season took off and the second half of Season 6 was just got as great as seasons 3-5.  The additions of Ben and Caress were the boosts the show needed.

However, it was the intensity of the battle between Blake and Alexis that made things great.  Blake finally decides he is going to destroy Alexis once and for all, only to go overboard (despite the protestations of Krystle).  In the end, and through manipulation, Alexis manages the upper hand.

Granted, you just cannot kick someone out of their home with no notice.  There is this thing called the legal process, but why allow for that when you can have Alexis dropping Krystle's furs onto the ground.  Another great aspect is that it is obvious that Joan Collin's stunt double is used when Blake lunges for Alexis.

The only problem with the scene is that it puts Season 7 in a difficult position.  Of course, Blake is not going to kill Alexis.  But, then what.  First we have Blake start over and then he finally gets the upper hand against Alexis and Ben to get his holdings and the mansion back.  That is all fine and dandy - but then what.  It would ridiculous to have Alexis return everything just to have her try and take them back again.  Thus, Season 7 drags on in some sort of tedious family drama that was very un-Dynasty like and which pretty much signaled the demise of the show.  (Season 9 withstanding - which was too little, too late).

Even Worms Can Procreate

by Paul Siciliano

This scene is all around great from Alexis bossing around the staff for some caviar hors d'oeuvres to the first hints of Amanda.  Amazing how Alexis could so easily forget about Adam being kidnapped and then giving birth to Amanda.  

Granted, everyone forgot Amanda pretty quickly when she went to England to think.

Blake, always good to see you - particularly on your abdication day

by Paul Siciliano

This excellent scene comes from Episode 56 "The Vote".  This is probably one of the best episodes in the series as we get a conflicting view of Alexis as the successful business woman who does not need the help of ungrateful men, except to give her water.  At the same time, we see Alexis as being lazy as she claims to end her workday at 6.  Even more damaging, it appears that Alexis is forcing the merger between Colby Co and Denver Carrington because she really wants to re-merge her life with Blake.

Yes, this feminist icon is doing all this for a love of a man.  Contrast this scene with the final scene of the episode where Alexis invites Blake over to pretty much seduce him.  When Blake rejects Alexis, she become enraged and swears her hatred of Blake.  In fact, it is Blake's rejection of her which causes her to attack Blake.  Definitely, not pro-feminist.  

The Colbys Episode 11 "Thursday's Child"

by Paul Siciliano

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In this episode:

Sable shows Jason Philip's letter to Cecil

Frankie convinces Jeff that Philip is his father

Bliss ends her relationship with Sean

Hutch visits Connie

Miles rapes Fallon after giving her an annulment

Jason asks Frankie if he is Jeff's father

Sable is impressed with me today. . .

She's backing off harassing me for now!

She's backing off harassing me for now!

The Colbys Episode 10 "The Turning Point"

by Paul Siciliano

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In this episode:

Connie survives the accident

Jason tells Sable he wants a divorce

Jeff decides to go to Frankie to find out who his father is

Sean tells Jason that Zach Powers is his uncle

Neil and Monica end up in bed

Fallon agrees to Miles's offer for an annulment

Miles tells Sable about Frankie and Jason

Sable threatens to expose Frankie is Jason divorces her

Two episodes done in one day. . .

I would be surprised too!

I would be surprised too!

The Colbys Episode 9 - "The Letter"

by Paul Siciliano

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In this episode:

Frankie accepts Roger's marriage proposal

Zach outbids Sable on the Matisse

Connie finds the letter to defeat Sable in court

Monica and Neil kiss

Miles continues to rage

Zach gifts the Matisse to Sable

Jeff learns Philip is not his father

And someone is happy I am back to writing these things: